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San Diego Speakers Guild offers you a free, searchable database of local presenters - bright, articulate professionals for you to choose from - through a system that is easy to use.

Event Planners - Find a Presenter for FREE! Looking for inspiration, personal improvement, a subject matter expert, a keynote speaker or MC for your organization or event? We have it! Plus, we’ve added some fun stuff to keep your audience motivated and excited about business and life.

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Call us at 619-660-6730 or email and we'll find the perfect speaker for you.

Please include the following:

-The date of your event

-Your audience or company

-The topic or type of speaker needed

-Any fee you're willing to pay

-Any special requests

Most speakers listed here are professionals in their field, and a few make a living speaking. An honorarium is appreciated, but not mandatory.  It is up to you to negotiate any fee with the speaker.

Listing experts from every discipline, we have built a list of pros on every subject from finance to marketing, business management to sales, leadership to employees, life challenges to health concerns.

You can contact any speaker directly, or if you prefer, we will send out a call for speakers on your behalf, or we will suggest speakers.  You can always call us at 619.660.6730 as well.


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A Star Speaker is an experienced presenter who offers dependable, reliable professional information to an audience in an organized, entertaining, and informative way. 

The Star Speaker symbol indicates the speaker takes speaking seriously, is dependable and will deliver as expected.

Please do not list yourself if you're not ready as a speaker to take an assignment.

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Thought Leader


Thought Leaders are individuals who are recognized as highly experienced, unique speakers who offer original ideas and creative ways of presenting material.  Thought Leaders have more experience speaking and are serious about their speaking.

As Community "celebrities," Thought Leaders pull in attendees to an event and leave them impressed, thinking in new ways or with an enlightened understanding of the Thought Leader's subject.

Thought Leaders receive speaking opportunity notices when we get them.

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This testimonial comes from member Debra Dupree: 

I'm alw
ays in search of speakers for quarterly All Staff Meetings, and was referred to the San Diego Speakers Guild..  When I search the site for my topic, conflict resolution, Debra's information came up.  She was a perfect match for my needs...She was engaging, had a good balance of audience interaction, and was extremely knowledgeable on the topic.   Staff are asking when we can have her back for continued training, and I would not hesitate to arrange further presentations with Debra.  Glenda - Director of Human Resources

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